Good question!

When I was researching this case, I read a lot about Mary and other children who committed murder. Over and over, I read opinions stating these children were evil and irredeemable, including statements from their victim’s families.The title is a question. You’ve quoted my opinion above, but in the last paragraph, you’ll see I also direct it at the reader.

My aim isn’t to fully answer the question with this piece but to tell her story and encourage the reader to think beyond the gruesome details and into the heart of the matter. What causes cases like this one to happen, and what can we do to improve the situation?

So to answer your question, absolutely, my title is meant to draw in readers, which I believe any title should be, but I wouldn’t have used it if I didn’t feel like it served a purpose.

Thanks for reading!

Grace writes fiction & articles on various topics in the western U.S. She is also a photographer, dog mom, and nature lover! Buy her a coffee:

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