A. Grace
1 min readSep 2, 2021

In A Grove of Ancient Firs

Image Credit: A. Grace (Aly Pictured It)

It ripples beneath her as Kira wanders down the shaded path. Ravenous, clinging, its tendrils coil around her ankles as she trudges through brittle grass to a grove of ancient firs.

The Hollow found her a week ago in the forest of bleeding trees. She touched the crimson sap and felt its energy course through her fingertips. It won’t let her go now; it's feasting on her lifeforce.

Braided through her hair, lilac braces her with a heady aroma. Kira empties the potpourri sachet, spreading herbs around her. She shivers as she chants to expel the Hollow from her presence. It hisses in her ear.

Wrathful, it slithers down her throat. Pressure builds inside her skull as it rages against her, ripping her open. Blood oozes from ragged cracks in her quaking body. She reaches for the sky, but she is alone.


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